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Central Heating Installations

We install high quality well conceived heating systems. We use quality products from industry leading manafactuers.  All systems are installed accordance with British standards, building regulations and gas safety legislation.
All boilers, pipework, radiators and heat emiters are sized using officially recognised sizing methods, which take into account the heat loss of the building .   This means that we can provide the most efficient heating systems possible, while still ensuring that you are nice and warm in your home with ample hot water.

Central heating Maintenance

To most people the health of your central heating system may be something that appears way down on your list of priorities. 
However annual maintenance can drastically improve the life span of your heating system meaning that you may not have to fork out hundreds and even thousands of pounds to replace the whole system for many years to come.

Maintenance of your heating system will mean that your heating system will run more efficiently and saves you money!

  • System cleansing
  • System flushing
  • Power flushing
  • Magnetic system filtration
  • Chemical Treatment and corrosion protection
  • System balancing and adjustment
  • Components servicing and replacement

Central Heating Modifications

You may be fed up of that one radiator not working properly. You may fancy changing that old radiator in the bathroom to a swanky new towel rail.  Whatever your requirements we can sort it.

  • Remove & Replace radiators for decorating
  • Add radiators to central heating system
  • Relocate radiators
  • Addition of heating controls

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