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LPG Bottled Gas

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is commonly used in areas that do not have a natural gas main installed.  LPG is widely supplied as two different gases, Propane and Butane.  Butane is only sold in cylinders and is typically used for small installations.  Propane can be supplied in both cylinders or bulk storage tanks and is used to supply average to large size installations.

 LPG is a highly flamible gas and is stored under high pressure. LPG installations require all pipework, regulators and safety valves to be properly maintained and functioning correctly for the system to function safely and efficiently, annual inspection of LPG systems is strongly recommended.

LPG Gas is typically found installed in:

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  • Caravans
  • Residential park homes
  • Leisure accomodation vehicles
  • Perminant dwellings

Annual safety checks are not mandatory in the UK, however they are increasingly becoming a requirement of many park operators. Most parks now require that privately owned static caravans have an annual gas or LPG safety check.

A safety inspection costs £50 - £80 and a safety certificate will be issued providing the pipework and appliances are considered to be in safe working order.

In addition it is always important to ensure equipment and appliances are regularly serviced for peace of mind. NACO recommends that you have your appliances serviced annually.

If you are a landlord and letting a caravan equipped with gas appliances you need to understand and comply with the law relating to gas safety. This law states that if you let a property, you must make sure all appliances you provide are properly maintained and a safety check is carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You must give your tenants a copy of the safety certificate within 28 days of it being carried out or before they move in.

What's included in a safety inspection

  • Inspection of ventalation
  • Flueing performance testing
  • Check that installation comforms to gas safety regulations
  • Inspection of all pipework and hoses
  • performance testing of all safety controls
  • Combustion performance analysis

It is also a good idea to install an audio Carbon Monoxide alarm, alarms are available from most DIY retailers and cost around £25.

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